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Who was maintaining the Berwyn Centre?

Published on 13 October 2012  | Download | back to previous

Berwyn CentreWith the Berwyn Centre in Nant-y-moel marked for demolition because of its poor state of repair, one of the questions being asked is why the centre is in such a poor state of repair? If maintenance was routinely carried out by those charged with maintaining the building, why is there a problem?

If you were to search on the Charities Commission website using the reference number 524198 you would find the charity named the,'NANTYMOEL WORKMEN'S INSTITUTE' (For a direct link click here). The charity is charged with, ‘The provision and maintenance of a community centre for the use of the inhabitants of Nantymoel,' and Bridgend County Borough Council are listed as the trustees of the charity, so are charged with the maintenance of the building.

Therefore the situation is that the trustees of the charity charged with maintaining the Berwyn Centre wish to demolish it. They wish to demolish the building because it has been poorly maintained.

The report also lists an income of £4,574 for the last four years, but nothing spent. If the charity had money coming in, why wasn't it put toward maintenance? If it was put toward maintenance and spent on the charity's behalf, why doesn't it show in the report?
Please click here for more information: NANTYMOEL WORKMEN'S INSTITUTE

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